Commercial Vinyl Wall Paper

Wall paper out of style and no longer used in construction? Not at all, today’s high end commercial buildings still use many types of wall coverings, typically referred to as “wall paper”. Now, when I picture wall paper, I imagine a very gaudy, thin, narrow, paper like material, with ugly split seams, installed in most kitchens and bathrooms in the 1980’s… And as a child I spent many an hour painstakingly scraping the gooey mess from the walls of our home. That is certainly not the wallcovering I’m speaking of here, most of the wall covering used in high end commercial buildings today is type 2 vinyl wallcovering, typically 54″ wide, and comes on large rolls, or bolts, 30 – 50 yards long. This wallcovering requires a machine to apply the paste. wallpaper paste machine

We do a lot of new construction installs, typically bathrooms and meeting rooms in Hotels and office buildings, however the majority of the wallcovering we install today is in older buildings where the original vinyl wall paper has gotten an out of date look. We complete many projects each year where we remove the existing wall vinyl, prep the wall board, and install new 54″ commercial vinyl wallcovering. We typically do this in office buildings and hotels where business as usual takes place while the project is quickly completed.

It can be a bit tricky where mold and mildew has become a problem behind the wall covering. Below is a picture of a wall at a high end hotel in the Raleigh area, and this is typical of most hotels with a little age on them


Ever enter a hotel room and catch a faint tent like odor? That odor is rancid microbial growth spreading on the gypsum wall board behind the wall paper!

This is one of our specialties, we are experts at removing existing vinyl wall coverings and treating the walls beneath. We have expert crews experienced with treating existing wall board, or in extreme cases, removing the wall board altogether and installing new “mold tough” wall board and then installing new vinyl wall covering.

We are experienced in the hospitality industry and we understand the need for discretion when doing this type of repair. We recently did a 50 room mold remediation at a high end name brand hotel in Raleigh, being a large hotel and the mold problem sporadic  throughout the hotel, discretion was a huge concern. To tackle this project without hotel guests becoming aware, we removed all the damaged wall board and sealed it in thick black bags and removed them from hotel in a quiet, clean, professional way. None of the guests at the hotel became wise to the mold issue…

Whether you’re in need of just an updated look or have a serious problem with mildew and mold, we can assist you in the best solution for a brand new look. We also do any type of alteration, from a complete demolition of an office to a simple repair.

If you have need of this service, or any other alteration or repair,  please contact us for a free consultation. We are a full service remodeling contractor.

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Color Trends for 2014

Commercial Color Trends for 2014

I began thinking about color when I researched the 2014 colors put out by Pantone. Their colors are used extensively for jewelry, fashion, and home decor.


I then began to wonder – does this same palette spill over to the commercial and hospitality industries? And, interesting to me, the Pantone colors don’t figure in at all in the commercial sector, that I could see.


There seems to be several palettes – put out by the various paint companies, rather than one major one that everyone follows.

For instance, the Benjamin Moore palette is very pastel and subdued – a perfect background for pops of color the designer will certainly add to it.

You can see it here:  Benjamin Moore Palette

The Sherwin Williams palette features much stronger hues that grab your attention right away. They offer three different sets of colors – designed to work together in both the common areas and the individual rooms or offices.

You can see it here: Sherwin Williams Palette

The possibilities of both of these selections of colors will enhance the people who are either guests at a hotel using them, or working in an office building decorated with them.


Which would you prefer? Leave a comment and let us know!!

Overhead & Pedestrian door

Overhead & Pedestrian door


One of our clients in Raleigh has a large warehouse off Atlantic Ave. in Raleigh, they rented a portion of the warehouse to a new tenant and needed a new entrance and overhead door. We easily cut penetrations through the building’s facade and installed a large overhead door and an ADA compliant pedestrian entrance.

The pictures below show a before and after shot.

The fist picture (below) shows the building before we began:


This picture (below) shows the new doors installed:


Anthony & Company Construction, general contractors in the Raleigh area. Whether your office needs a light cosmetic upgrade or an interior completion we are ready to meet your needs. Give us a call for a free consultation.

View this commercial renovation and others like it here:

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Accordion walls

Richland Creek Community Church in Wake Forest NC hired us to help ease the fast growing congregation, they needed a larger class room…

So we removed a wall between two classrooms, adding a large steel beam above the ceiling which would hold a large accordion type folding wall partition.

The addition of a movable folding wall enhanced both the beauty and functionality of the classroom area for this church.

This made the area customizable as to the function needed, and allows for more than one activity to take place at a time.

Could this solution work for you? Call AnthCo and see! Check out other commercial alterations on our web page at AnthCo


below is a picture of the room before we began


 These next two pictures are the completed product



Call AnthCo today for a quote on a similar project or for a free consultation on how we can help your growing pains or make some much needed cosmetic changes. Anthony & Company Construction is a full service general contractor, we are licensed for Commercial and Residential building and customize all our projects to fit your specific need.

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The Tumble Gym

The Tumble Gym


This is a recent interior completion Anthony & Company was awarded by The Tumble Gym at their new Raleigh location at 4035-112 Lake Boone Trail in the Market Place at Lake Boone shopping center.


The building was an empty shell when the project began, the pictures below show how the interior looked the first day of framing the interior walls.

frame 1 frame 2 frame 3 frame 4


Ever wonder where all those water lines are hidden? Here’s a peak under the slab at the under ground sewer lines.

1 photo 2 photo 3


photo 5

As the fit-up continued to progress, all trade rough-ins completed, the insulation was installed. The pictures below show the interior walls as they were insulted and ready for the drywall installation.

165 166

After all the rough-in and insulation inspections passed we began to install gypsum panels. The pictures below show the installers installing the first few sheets of 5/8” drywall and the project as we began to finish the walls and prepare to paint

167 196 265

This building has all the HVAC units on the roof top, the pictures below show the crews puncturing the roof to set the curb and then setting the unit in place.

082 085 098 189 191 194

This is a picture of “Spooky”, from Carolina Commercial Systems, doing the final connections to the roof top unit. He said he couldn’t be found on the internet so we thought we’d highlight him (don’t tell him).


To save some cash The Tumble Gym did their own painting, what we call sweat equity… Here are a few pictures as the painting progressed.

406 407 409

And here is the finished product. The space looks great and is ready for tumblers!

578 579 581 583



Feel free to contact us

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Restroom Addition

A utility company in Durham needed additional restroom accommodations to keep warehouse personnel, truck drivers, and muddy footed field crews from tracking through the office. We found an area in the warehouse where the waste water line could be accessed and built this new restroom. Fully ADA accessible and separated from the nice office carpet…

Below are some pictures of the finished product






A.J. Shirely

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Drive Through CPA?

Drive Through CPA?

That’s right! Rodney Seagraves CPA in Raleigh was quickly converted to a drive through when a client accidentally drove through the glass façade of building.

Below is a picture of the intruding car

photo 8

The driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, crashed through the wall, destroyed the front desk crashed through the next office wall…

Below are a few pictures of the destruction

photo 7

photo 3

photo 6

Fortunately this happened on a Saturday and the office was closed and no one was injured in the accident. Once the office was cleaned up it was secured temporarily with plywood.

photo 16

The City of Raleigh posted an unsafe building certificate and had PGE pull the electrical meter, which closed the CPA for business at the beginning of the week.

We quickly went jumped into action at the opening of business Monday morning, working closely with the Fire Marshall and the City of Raleigh to get the power restored. Some interior electrical and wall repairs and the City granted temporary power, allowing the CPA to open and use the undamaged offices.

Over the next few weeks the building was restored and is now better than ever with brand new glass façade, new laminate flooring and a fresh coat of paint.

Below are some pictures of the finished project

photo 10b


photo 12


photo 14photo 13

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Granville Pallet Company

We recently did this renovation on the main offices at the Granville Pallet Company in Oxford


These first three pictures are before we began


This is a picture of the reception office before we began – outdated carpet pic 1 granvilleand wall paper…







This is a picture of the conference room before wepic 2 granville began








This is a picture of the back office before we beganpic 3 granville








This is a picture of the bath before we beganpic 4 granville










It wasn’t possible for the office to close for a renovation, so to accommodate this we started on a Friday afternoon and worked some very long hours through the weekend to get the front reception area completed in time for business as usual by Monday morning. We then continued the long hours through the next few days and completed this project in less than 1 weeks time!


We gave the entire place several coats of paint,

replaced the door separating the Reception area

from the Conference room,

installed a glass panel at a cased opening                           pic 5

and installed new Pergo laminate on all the floors. The picture to the right is of the Reception area when we were completed.



Below is another view of the completed Reception area


pic 6










Here’s a view of the completed Conference room


pic 7 granville


Here is a picture of the completed back office and bath


pic 8 granville

pic 9 granville

Elevator Lobby

This is a project we completed on a hotel to upgrade the look of the Elevator lobbies


We added a one piece chair rail and a crown molding. We installed new Vinyl wallcovering above and below the chair rail to give it a two tone color scheme. The chair rail and crown give the elevator lobbies a lot of character, IMG_2004but it also has a practical application as well, this high traffic area had some wall damage from guests moving their luggage carts in and out of the elevators, the chair rail creates a buffer to keep the carts off the wall



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