Commercial Color Trends for 2014

I began thinking about color when I researched the 2014 colors put out by Pantone. Their colors are used extensively for jewelry, fashion, and home decor.


I then began to wonder – does this same palette spill over to the commercial and hospitality industries? And, interesting to me, the Pantone colors don’t figure in at all in the commercial sector, that I could see.


There seems to be several palettes – put out by the various paint companies, rather than one major one that everyone follows.

For instance, the Benjamin Moore palette is very pastel and subdued – a perfect background for pops of color the designer will certainly add to it.

You can see it here:  Benjamin Moore Palette

The Sherwin Williams palette features much stronger hues that grab your attention right away. They offer three different sets of colors – designed to work together in both the common areas and the individual rooms or offices.

You can see it here: Sherwin Williams Palette

The possibilities of both of these selections of colors will enhance the people who are either guests at a hotel using them, or working in an office building decorated with them.


Which would you prefer? Leave a comment and let us know!!

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