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Restroom Addition

A utility company in Durham needed additional restroom accommodations to keep warehouse personnel, truck drivers, and muddy footed field crews from tracking through the office. We found an area in the warehouse where the waste water line could be accessed and built this new restroom. Fully ADA accessible and separated from the nice office carpet…

Below are some pictures of the finished product






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Drive Through CPA?

Drive Through CPA?

That’s right! Rodney Seagraves CPA in Raleigh was quickly converted to a drive through when a client accidentally drove through the glass façade of building.

Below is a picture of the intruding car

photo 8

The driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, crashed through the wall, destroyed the front desk crashed through the next office wall…

Below are a few pictures of the destruction

photo 7

photo 3

photo 6

Fortunately this happened on a Saturday and the office was closed and no one was injured in the accident. Once the office was cleaned up it was secured temporarily with plywood.

photo 16

The City of Raleigh posted an unsafe building certificate and had PGE pull the electrical meter, which closed the CPA for business at the beginning of the week.

We quickly went jumped into action at the opening of business Monday morning, working closely with the Fire Marshall and the City of Raleigh to get the power restored. Some interior electrical and wall repairs and the City granted temporary power, allowing the CPA to open and use the undamaged offices.

Over the next few weeks the building was restored and is now better than ever with brand new glass façade, new laminate flooring and a fresh coat of paint.

Below are some pictures of the finished project

photo 10b


photo 12


photo 14photo 13

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