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Commercial Vinyl Wall Paper

Wall paper out of style and no longer used in construction? Not at all, today’s high end commercial buildings still use many types of wall coverings, typically referred to as “wall paper”. Now, when I picture wall paper, I imagine a very gaudy, thin, narrow, paper like material, with ugly split seams, installed in most kitchens and bathrooms in the 1980’s… And as a child I spent many an hour painstakingly scraping the gooey mess from the walls of our home. That is certainly not the wallcovering I’m speaking of here, most of the wall covering used in high end commercial buildings today is type 2 vinyl wallcovering, typically 54″ wide, and comes on large rolls, or bolts, 30 – 50 yards long. This wallcovering requires a machine to apply the paste. wallpaper paste machine

We do a lot of new construction installs, typically bathrooms and meeting rooms in Hotels and office buildings, however the majority of the wallcovering we install today is in older buildings where the original vinyl wall paper has gotten an out of date look. We complete many projects each year where we remove the existing wall vinyl, prep the wall board, and install new 54″ commercial vinyl wallcovering. We typically do this in office buildings and hotels where business as usual takes place while the project is quickly completed.

It can be a bit tricky where mold and mildew has become a problem behind the wall covering. Below is a picture of a wall at a high end hotel in the Raleigh area, and this is typical of most hotels with a little age on them


Ever enter a hotel room and catch a faint tent like odor? That odor is rancid microbial growth spreading on the gypsum wall board behind the wall paper!

This is one of our specialties, we are experts at removing existing vinyl wall coverings and treating the walls beneath. We have expert crews experienced with treating existing wall board, or in extreme cases, removing the wall board altogether and installing new “mold tough” wall board and then installing new vinyl wall covering.

We are experienced in the hospitality industry and we understand the need for discretion when doing this type of repair. We recently did a 50 room mold remediation at a high end name brand hotel in Raleigh, being a large hotel and the mold problem sporadic  throughout the hotel, discretion was a huge concern. To tackle this project without hotel guests becoming aware, we removed all the damaged wall board and sealed it in thick black bags and removed them from hotel in a quiet, clean, professional way. None of the guests at the hotel became wise to the mold issue…

Whether you’re in need of just an updated look or have a serious problem with mildew and mold, we can assist you in the best solution for a brand new look. We also do any type of alteration, from a complete demolition of an office to a simple repair.

If you have need of this service, or any other alteration or repair,  please contact us for a free consultation. We are a full service remodeling contractor.

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Under the covers

This is a project at a high end hotel in Raleigh NC where We completed repairs in multiple rooms where mildew growth was forming under cover of vinyl wall covering





This picture shows the mildew growth behind the wallcovering




This picture shows the wall as we begin to remove the damaged gypsum panels, this wall is a concrete wall that has drywall glued and nailed to it, and concrete by nature absorbs moisture which in humid conditions can promote mildew growth.



This picture shows a piece of vinyl wall covering that had actually fell off the wall due to mildew growth below


This picture shows the wall after we began to demo the drywall panels, notice the mildew growing on the back side of the opposing room’s wall.The opposing wall was treated with mildewcide to try and eliminate any further growth









This picture shows one of the rooms after the repairs were completed


Mold & Mildew

This is from a project we completed at a high end hotel near the Crabtree Valley area of Raleigh NC

These pictures show a window wall with water damage caused by an exterior facade leak. The moisture penetrated the wall cavity over a period of time, allowing mildew and mold to grow within the wall; this eventually penetrated the drywall and began to loosen the wallcovering

IMG_1730 IMG_1737

This mildew continues down the walls from the window walls growing virtually undetectably behind the vinyl wallcovering



This is a close up picture of the mildew/mold growth growing on the face of the drywall



This picture shows how we begin remediation,once the exterior leak was properly addressed, we remove all damaged vinyl, drywall and insulation, pack the contaminated materials into black sealed bags and then discreetly removed them from the hotel. We repaired any damaged framing, treated the studs and opposing walls with a bleach solution to help prevent future mildew growth. We then replaced the insulation, install new mold resistant gypsum panels, after the drywall has been finished we treated all new walls with a low VOC primer with a mildewcide additive. Once the walls are complete and ready for wallcovering we install new vinyl yard goods, the wallcovering  adhesive we use is a heavy duty, clear, strippable paste which also has a mildewcide additive. These mildewcide additives are used to help restrict and new mildew/mold growth.


This is a picture of the finished product after all repairs are completed.



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