The Dement Post and Beam Screened Porch - beautiful day or night!

The Dement home was wonderful as is, but the homeowners wanted to have more space to enjoy for more of the year - without some of the down side of being outdoors.

Inside, the ceiling is vaulted and has exposed beams - the contrast in the wood colors creates architectural interest. The ceiling fan aids in circulating the air, making it cool and comforable. There is even a wall mounted TV set so you can enjoy your favorite show!

A post and beam screened porch much like this could be yours! Call or contact Anthony and Company Construction, Inc. today to start planning your special project!

Vaulted ceiling and fan

Looking up at the two-toned wood ceiling and beams, and the fan

The other side, showing the TV

And on the other side, a wall-mounted TV set!

Panoramic view outside

Panormamic view of the outdoors!

View of the lights tucked in just at the base of the ceiling

Lights along the base of the ceiling - indirect lighting for evening!

Original view

After Dark!

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