Siding Solutions

Just because your siding may not be completely falling off, it doesn't mean that you don't have a siding problem.

Go outside and take a look.

Is the siding sagging, cracking, buckling, blistering, peeling, or fading? Here are a few other signs that it might be time to re-side your home.

Siding Condition
Our homes face some unique challenges in North Carolina, like extreme temperature change, high humidity, moisture, and of course, woodpeckers. Mother Nature can really take her toll on your home's exterior and it's important you have an exterior that can protect your biggest investment, your home!

Weather-beaten siding

Maintenance Schedule
As wood and hardboard siding wear out, the maintenance cycle shortens. The effort and cost of maintaining tired siding with repairs and paint may exceed that of installing new siding.

Curb Appeal
Defective Masonite siding

If your home looks faded or is lagging behind the others on the block, re-siding can be the quickest and most cost-effective solution to update and beautify. Installing new James Hardie siding is consistently voted amongst the top remodeling projects by HGTV and Remodeling magazine to increase curb appeal and add value.

Another kind of defect in siding
Another typical example of siding in need of replacement

What Are Your Options?

Do Nothing

It's the least expensive alternative today, but it could be the most costly long-term. Siding problems don't fix themselves and problems beneath your siding may only get worse.

Spot Repair & Paint

Pressure washing, scraping, patch repairs, and painting simply offer a short-term solution to a permanent problem. Consider what a paint job costs and how often you are repainting your home. Then compare that to an estimate for new siding and the potential return on investment involved.

Re-painting option

Vinyl Siding

If you're considering vinyl siding, we recommend that you put a sample of both James Hardie® siding and vinyl siding in your hand. This is the best way to experience the difference in quality, durability, texture, and beauty, first hand.

Vinyl Siding option

If that's not enough, take a look at this side by side comparison:

James Hardie Siding vs Vinyl Siding
Flame Resistance
James Hardie fiber cement siding is noncombustible. Approved for fire-rated construction. Vinyl siding will melt or burn when exposed to a significant source of heat or flame.
Fade Resistance
The ColorPlus Technology factory applied, baked-on finish color provides up to 30% better color fade resistance than competitive products.* Vinyl siding color can't be changed and is susceptible to fading. And it is difficult to get a perfect match when vinyl siding repairs are needed.
Weather Resistance
James Hardie fiber cement siding resists rotting, warping, cracking, hail, and high winds up to 150 mph. Vinyl siding can be damaged by hail, tree limbs, and other flying debris.
James Hardie siding is 5x thicker than vinyl siding, providing more durability and protection for your home. Even premium vinyl siding is only 5/100" thick.

Why settle for vinyl?
Don't sacrifice the beauty and durability of your home's exterior with flimsy vinyl siding. Choose America's #1 brand of siding and rest easy knowing your home is protected and your investment safe for many years to come.

If this has happened to your house, the good news is - it can be corrected!
Anthony & Company Construction, Inc. is certified to install Hardi Plank siding, and we also install any other type of hardboard siding.

This is how the siding on your house can look after the siding has been replaced.
An example of Hardi Plank Beaded Cedar Mill siding
A wall restored with Hardi Plank Beaded Cedar Mill Siding.

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