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Mold and Mildew Repair Projects
Commercial Contractor Anthony & Company, Inc.


Mold and Mildew growth is very common in the hospitality industry. Sometimes caused by exterior roof and facade leaks, but more often caused by high humidity throughout the hotel or office building.
Both mildew and mold typically grow undetected behind the surface of the finished wall whether it's a painted wall or a wall covered with knockdown or wall covering.

As a standard at Anthony & Company Construction, Inc., we use the best products available to us to treat mildew and mold. The gypsum (drywall) panels we use in a repair are always mold, mildew, and moisture resistant panels.
We put an additive in our primers called mildewcide and we prime all affected areas. As an extra precaution, we use a mildewcide additive in all our finish products whether it be the finish coat of paint or the wallcovering adhesive.

Further preventive measures may be cleaning the carpets and all fabrics in the room with a mildewside cleaner and possibly replacing the mattress and box springs. Smells can build up in these rooms over time and lodge in fabric. These odors can take a very long time to dissipate even after removing the source.

If the smells persist it may be necessary to remove the carpet and treat the concrete for mildew, and possibly explore the adjoining rooms for mildew.

We are sensitive to the guests in your building and use discretion when working in the damaged areas. We are careful to remove mold and mildewed products in sealed black bags. And we try to use low VOC paints and adhesives whenever possible. We keep all our work areas neat and clean.

We are also well aware that a guest room under renovation is a loss of income; we are very efficient and we do high quality work in as fast a manner as possible. We will work nights and weekends to accommodate your timeline.

Below are examples of mildew repair projects we have completed

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