Commercial Mildew and Mold Repairs
General Contractor Anthony & Company Construction, Inc.

This is a project at a high end hotel in Raleigh NC area.
We completed repairs in multiple rooms where mildew growth was forming behind the vinyl wall covering

A view showing the mildrew growth behind the vinyl wallcovering

This picture shows the mildew growth behind the wallcovering

Another view of the damaged wall

A picture showing the wall as we begin to remove the damaged gypsum panels. This wall is a concrete that has drywall glued and nailed to it - unfortunately, concrete by nature absorbs moisture which in humid conditions can promote mildew growth.

It's bad when the wallcovering falls off the wall!

This photo shows a piece of vinyl wall covering that had actually fallen off the wall due to mildew growth behind it.

Mold on the opposite wall

This picture shows the wall after we began to demo the drywall panels; notice the mildew growing on the back side of the opposing room’s wall. The opposing wall was treated with mildewcide to try and eliminate any further growth


And now it looks brand new!

This picture shows one of the rooms after the repairs were completed

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