The Alderman Custom Garage
in the Raleigh - Durham area of North Carolina

The exterior of this garage is a treat for the eyes, but now look what is upstairs!

The area is wide open and spacious, with ample windows and a full bathroom complete with a barn-door opening - a great space to create the living area you desire.

Garages or Carports can add so much to your home - not just in physical space, but in function, beauty, and value.

The lighted stairway to the upstairs!

The stairs reveal a great extra touch - lights!

What a space - windows, pendant lights, and that barn door!

View at the top - windows, pendant lights, ceiling fan, and that lovely barn door!!

A view with the barn door open

A view showing the barn door open!

Look one way in the bathroom

A view to the left in the bathroom

And the other way in the bathroom

And the view to the right in the bathroom

The spacious main living area

The spacious main living area upstairs

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